Featured – April 2023

Embracing the world

“…the burden belongs to the nation, and the hands of none of us are clean if we bend not our energies to righting these great ...
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The cost

In flippant phrases such as “there’s no free lunch,” we acknowledge a deep truth about life: everything has a cost. We could add that the ...
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Crucifixion Pillars at Christ Church Cathedral

Victoria artist Richard Motchman says the most common reaction to his paintings is “I have never seen anything like this before.” Motchman’s innovative new work ...
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A Fool’s Journey to Easter — Trickster Jesus

After wondering for some time about how the indigenous understanding of Trickster could be linked to the biblical Christian story, I was intrigued to stumble ...
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From the Big Apple to the Islands and Inlets

My wife and I are in the thick of packing for our move from New York City to Victoria. Having previously relocated to London and ...
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