Featured – January 2023

The most secular diocese in North America

As we begin 2023, I’d invite us all to consider the recent census that suggests we are the most secular diocese in North America. According ...
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Will the new year bring anything new, or just more novelties?

The new is not the novel. The novel appears routinely — novel gadgets, novel operating systems, and even novel cultural trends. But the genuinely new ...
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Christian themes in the Harry Potter book series  

Having recently finished reading the seven volumes of Harry Potter (British Bloomsbury edition) for the first time at age 70, I was struck by its ...
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A timeless love

I recall reading somewhere that something we take totally for granted about the human mind is in fact one of its most remarkable accomplishments. It ...
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Thank God for all of this 

When Roland Hui, the interim editor, contacted me in November about writing regularly for Faith Tides, I had one comment and three questions. The comment ...
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