Featured – November 2023

Our shared assets for our shared future

Fall is traditionally the time for stewardship in the church. We should ask of ourselves — what portion of what we have been blessed with, ...
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“Tusitala” — “Teller of Tales”

Not that many years ago (says he defensively), I was assembling some material for a pilgrimage I had been asked to lead. I had decided ...
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Breaking bread together — practices for the church in an interreligious era

As someone committed to the work of interreligious dialogue, I take it for granted that others walk their own valid paths to ultimate reality. But ...
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The first annual O’Driscoll Forum (July 2023)

Faithful readers of Faith Tides, and its predecessor the Diocesan Post, will know that for many years, one of its best-loved regular features has been ...
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Good things come in small packages — making a mini prayer book

As an admirer of ecclesiastical art and a crafter of handmade books, I combined my two interests to create a miniature illuminated prayer book. A ...
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