January 2022

The epiphanies of life

Piano tuners have to hit single notes again and again. However, now and again they play a chord and you realize how infinitely richer a ...
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Projects across the diocese receive AFC funding

The 2021 fall grant cycle is one of the biggest in the AFC’s 64-year history, with close to $650,000 disbursed in grants and bursaries to ...
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Making time to think about place

Come January, we all get to thinking about the passing of time. We look back and look forward like the two-faced god, Janus, after whom ...
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Humility and hope

“Liminality: A quality of ambiguity and disorientation that occurs in transitory situations and spaces, when a person or group of people is betwixt and between ...
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God had his hand on me

I was born in Vancouver, and we emigrated to Southern California in 1960. It was an exciting time to live in California: culture crazes, social ...
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Diocesan council approves stewardship motions and regulations

With pandemic restrictions still in effect, the November diocesan council meeting was once again held over Zoom. Transforming Futures A motion was passed that the ...
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