The epiphanies of life

Piano tuners have to hit single notes again and again. However, now and again they play a chord and you realize how infinitely richer a ...
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Seeing Christmas through Herod’s eyes

Menacing danger sets the tone in Matthew’s telling of the Christmas story. Why? Might the danger inherent in the Messiah’s birth be worth remembering lest we forget it amidst the ...
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The night the stars sang

Hollywood loves the word “apocalypse.” To them it means “dollars.” It means a big-screen disaster movie, complete with toppling high-rises, mile-high tsunamis engulfing cities and terrified humans running in all ...
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The borrowed tomb

I have a strange mental aberration (whether a gift from God or not I will leave to you to decide) in that my mind, upon ...
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Herb O’Driscoll’s newest book of memoirs, I Will Arise and Go Now: Reflections on the Meaning of Places and People, was released Feb. 17 by ...
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A brief encounter

By late afternoon he came down out of the hills to a wooded valley. He noticed that the forest floor was tinder dry. Even this ...
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