Featured – September 2023

God’s call to newness

I was heartened by how many of you have responded positively to my charge at synod in which I said that “the future is not ...
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In all places and at all times

A friend told me that his son, who works with the United Nations in the Middle East, is frequently asked, “Where do you pray,” meaning ...
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Will it be God or Mammon? Contesting the religion of market capitalism

Self-deception — many in North America engage in it when they claim not to be religious. Many churchgoers also deceive themselves when we say that ...
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Barbie, memento mori and liberation

Just as one envisions a skull in a classical monk’s cell, as a memento mori – a reminder of one’s mortality — so too the ...
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Taking care of ourselves and each other

We are still recovering from the pandemic closures of 2020 and afterwards. Thankfully, we can now return to in-person church services and gather with our ...
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