Herbert O’Driscoll


A journey like no other

This article first appeared in the April 2014 issue of the Anglican Journal. You are exhausted and surrounded by an almost palpable fear. You feel

The visit

Suppertime in the residence, the corridors relatively quiet. This is the hour between the coming and going of visitors. The staff are under less pressure;

The executive

Over the last few years, we have gotten to know and respect one another. I think — and certainly hope — that this has become

A child’s Christmas

The word “Christmas” is more than a mere word. In the world of music, a chord is composed of notes, but it is infinitely richer

“Tusitala” — “Teller of Tales”

Not that many years ago (says he defensively), I was assembling some material for a pilgrimage I had been asked to lead. I had decided

Lost treasure

A tiny incident — a snatch of conversation heard in a city restaurant across an adjoining table. It’s a spot in which you see a

In all places and at all times

A friend told me that his son, who works with the United Nations in the Middle East, is frequently asked, “Where do you pray,” meaning

Wind and fire

Some things can be told only as a story. Someone offers a story and we listen. But we know it is pointless to ask questions

Lovely as a tree

The study window looks out on our front garden. Our kitchen window looks out on our back garden. Each one gives us a view of

The cost

In flippant phrases such as “there’s no free lunch,” we acknowledge a deep truth about life: everything has a cost. We could add that the

The medicine of truth

It is fascinating to see how many of the therapies of our time have much in common, though their language seems to differ. For instance,

Companions on El Camino

For one enchanted evening a very long time ago, I was one of the Magi — a wise man. My black moustache and beard were

A timeless love

I recall reading somewhere that something we take totally for granted about the human mind is in fact one of its most remarkable accomplishments. It

Hard hat country

The excavation site is huge. Someday, a towering structure will emerge to — we fervently hope — grace the city. At the moment, this area

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