John J. Thatamanil


  • John J. Thatamanil is associate professor of theology and world religions at Union Theological Seminary in New York. He is also a volunteer curate at St John the Divine, Victoria.


Living out the Sermon on the Mount

This past week, I finally got around to reading a letter of historic importance — lost for nearly 90 years and republished only last January.

Finding our place in a larger story

I play the role of lead actor in the story of my life, and even my nearest and dearest are but supporting actors. This claim

Making time to think about place

Come January, we all get to thinking about the passing of time. We look back and look forward like the two-faced god, Janus, after whom

Seeing Christmas through Herod’s eyes

Menacing danger sets the tone in Matthew’s telling of the Christmas story. Why? Might the danger inherent in the Messiah’s birth be worth remembering lest we forget it amidst the

Postcolonialism, language and resistance

I speak, write and think in English far better than I do in my mother tongue, Malayalam. I cannot formulate abstract ideas — or write

More questions than answers

Paul Bramadat, my close friend and a presenter at my ordination on Sunday, September 12, asked me during a meeting of research fellows at the

Meet our new regular contributors

Over the next few months, John Thatamanil will be contributing a regular column for the Post. As the new “Diocesan Theologian,” he will be writing

A listening, learning church

Addressing racism has become an urgent matter in the wake of the murder of George Floyd (a year ago on May 25, 2020) and the

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