2021 Budgeted Income
 on March 1, 2021

Forecasting anything amid the uncertainty of a pandemic can be a difficult task. In January, diocesan council passed a $1.8 million budget for 2021 with a $131,162 deficit.

Many parishes’ traditional sources of revenue such as hall rentals were lost in 2020. Officials say revenue from individuals has held up well, a reflection that churchgoers, when faced with a crisis or a market meltdown, generally maintain their donations. And 75 per cent of revenue to the diocese comes from the parishes. On the plus side, the federal wage subsidy has had a levelling influence. The diocese also set up a $200,000 emergency fund in April 2020, offering grants of $10,000.

The diocese also has a financial apportionment that it passes on to the national church.


For a quick fiscal snapshot, here are some budget variances ($15,000 or greater) compared to the 5-year synod plan 2021 projections.


Assessment income: $55,000 lower

Asset management projects $20,000 lower

Transforming Futures: $500,000 lower

Donations and bequests: $15,000 lower

Rental income: $52,000 higher (new lease with St Paul Housing)


National assessment: $155,000 lower

Bishop’s office: $24,000 higher (moving expenses/consecration – onetime costs)

Cathedral support: $25,000 higher (new item since 2020)

Asset management: $71,000 lower

Admin staff costs: $54,000 higher

2021 Budgeted Expenses

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