Changes to regional archdeaconries

 on March 1, 2022

Recent initiatives to streamline the governance of the diocese have included reducing the size of diocesan council and the frequency with which it and the finance committee meet each year. The role of regional dean has also been eliminated, in recognition of the fact that there was significant overlap with the regional archdeacons’ duties.

Selkirk region’s archdeacon, Dawna Wall, will be moving on to a new ministry opportunity south of the border, and the bishop and archdeacons have decided to reconfigure the regions of the diocese.

From March 1 there will be four regions instead of five: Mid-North Islands (Elizabeth Northcott); Cowichan Mid-Vancouver Island (Clara Plamondon); Greater Victoria (Alastair McCollum); and Western, Peninsula & Gulf Islands (Lon Towstego).


For the full list of churches and parishes falling under each region, see the diocesan website. Contact information for your archdeacon can also be found on the diocesan website.

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