Meet the deacons

Ordination of Deacons
Pictured (left to right) are ordinands Stephanie Wood, John Thatamanil, Marion Edmondson and Colleen Lissamer with Bishop Anna on the cathedral steps following the service
 on October 1, 2021

On Sunday, September 12, Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee ordained Marion Edmonson, Colleen Lissamer, John Thatamanil and Stephanie Wood to the sacred order of deacons. In this issue of the Post, we’ve featured all things “diaconal.” We hear about the experience of ordination from Bishop Anna in her letter “From the Bishop’s Chair” and John Thatamanil in his first column as diocesan theologian. Nancy Ford, Christ Church Cathedral’s deacon to the city, reflects on this summer’s virtual Anglican Deacons Canada meeting and the history of diaconia in Canada. And we get to meet new deacon Colleen Lissamer in this month’s “My Journey” column.

Meet the Deacons
(left) The Ven Alastair McCollum and the Rev Deborah Rivet enjoy the breeze through their vestments.
(top right) Bishop Anna prays over candidate Stephanie Wood during the ordination service; (bottom right) Having received bibles from the bishop as a sign of their authority to proclaim God’s word and to assist in the ministration of the holy sacraments, the new ordinands are welcomed with clapping from the congregation. Photos by Jeannine Friesen.
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