Nominations for the Order of the Diocese of BC 

 on January 2, 2023


Do you know someone deserving of the Order of the Diocese of BC? 

On Oct. 21, 2023, Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee will invest the next group of worthy people into the Order of the Diocese of British Columbia.   

The nomination process thrives on the active participation of each parish submitting the name of one of their number to become a Member of the Order and jointly with other parishes the name of someone to become an Officer of the Order.  



Who can be nominated? 

For Member – A lay person of the diocese who has provided extraordinary service to their parish and/or community 

For Officer – A lay person or retired cleric who has provided extraordinary service to the diocese, the province, the Anglican Church of Canada, or the nation 

Honorary Officers and Members – These are awards given to people who are NOT members of our diocese. They are British Columbians who may not be of our denomination, or even faith, but nonetheless have demonstrated the same sort of exemplary service to their community, province or country. Whilst these are very limited in number and are within the gift of the bishop, the advisory council is always open to suggestions. If you think you may know of such a person, please contact the secretary of the Order to discuss.  


Who can nominate?  

Member of the Order – Each parish may nominate a person.  

Officer of the Order – Five members of the diocese (a mix of lay and ordained) from five different parishes may nominate a person.  


Timing for the 2023 Investiture 

Nominations opened January 2023 

Nominations close April 30, 2023 

Confirmation of Award by June 30, 2023 

Investiture Service Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023, at Christ Church Cathedral, Victoria. 


For details of the who, what, when, why and how can be found on the diocesan website under Resources, Order of the Diocese of British Columbia: 

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