Reaching Out

Photos by Susan Down
Photos by Susan Down
 on March 1, 2021

If you tried to join the February 7 livestreamed service from Christ Church Cathedral, you weren’t alone. In fact, so many tuned in to hear Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee preach for the first time in the diocese that the website crashed temporarily (and was quickly resolved). It was the Anglican version of a website hiccup that happens more often during a frenzy of ticket-buying for rock concerts. Bishop Anna said a clergy member called her one of several “plague bishops” who had been consecrated during the unusual COVID-19 year. In her homily, she referred to the day’s reading from Isaiah, a reassurance that in troubled times, God can renew us. “Like the ancients, we are experiencing how it feels to see the trajectory of history spin out of our control,” she said, adding that we must have faith that vaccines will arrive and things will get better.

The recorded service is available on the cathedral website.

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