St Luke, Cedar Hill offers words and music to calm your spirit

Sylvia McAvany, sound weaver with handpans and sound bowls. Image by Sharon McMillan.
 on April 2, 2024

St Luke, Cedar Hill is offering a monthly service, called Reflections. Enjoy music in the beautiful candlelit ambiance of St Luke church in the late afternoon. The readings, prayers and music of this special reflections time will calm your spirit and soothe your soul.

Image by Sharon McMillan.

Offering a combination of inspirational poems, thoughtful prose passages and untraditional prayers, interspersed with complementary music, St Luke’s Reflections service focuses on spirituality. Drawing on the tradition of evensong, the service recognizes our need for stillness and connection to the soul at the end of the day.

Referencing the seasons, the service acknowledges the liturgical calendar through both words and music. The theme, introduced through the words, is given added depth through the music. The gorgeous ambiance of the softly-lit church adds to the contemplative atmosphere that places one in a state of prayer. Reflections provides another way to encounter the divine. Please come and be a part of this unique experience.


In 2024, Reflections services will be on the second Sunday of the month at 4:30 p.m. Upcoming dates for 2024 are April 14, May 12, June 9, Sept. 8, Oct. 13 and Nov. 10. A variety of musicians and musical styles are highlighted through these services. Musicians have included:

  • Sylvia McAvany, a sound weaver who plays handpans and singing bowls, offering meditation through sound to help the listener relax and reach an elevated mood;
  • One Wheel Band, bringing a fresh acoustic approach to classic folk, roots, blues and jazz tunes;
  • Elena Antontceva, a brilliant cellist;
  • Soile Stratkauskas, Finnish-born baroque flutist and artistic director of Victoria Baroque;
  • David Palmer, organist;
  • and the Ricco String Quartet, playing violins, viola and cello.

Each month features a different group or soloist. Information about each Reflections service is included at the events page of the St Luke website. Everyone welcome.


A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that Sylvia McAvany plays hang drums. She in fact plays handpans.

  • Barb Prescott

    Barb Prescott is the communications coordinator at St Luke, Cedar Hill and is a member of its Cemetery Committee.

  • Brenda Morgan

    Brenda Morgan, People’s Warden at St Luke, Cedar Hill, was born in India, lived and worked as a high school teacher in Ontario, before moving in her retirement to Victoria, where she now pursues her passion of fabric art.

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