June 2021

The altar in the chapel at St. John the Divine

Pride in the church

Karen Coverett is assistant warden at St. John the Divine, Victoria, and first attended worship at the church during Pride Week 2016. I spoke to ...
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Candle House

What is home?

What is home? Maybe home is the place you were born or the place you live now. Maybe home is where your family is. Or ...
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Corpus Christi

Herb O’Driscoll’s newest book of memoirs, I Will Arise and Go Now: Reflections on the Meaning of Places and People, was released Feb.17 by Morehouse ...
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A life worth living

“A Life Worth Living” was the topic for the Women’s Spring Retreat that took place on April 10, 2021. Due to COVID-19, we met via ...
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A tree and a church

St. Peter, Comox, and Garry oaks have one thing in common: longevity. A Garry oak can live 300 years. St. Peter celebrates its 130th anniversary ...
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Identifying hope where we find it

In his small book The Canada Crisis, originally published in 1980, Canadian theologian Douglas John Hall wrestles with hopes and despairs that are uniquely ours ...
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A listening, learning church

Addressing racism has become an urgent matter in the wake of the murder of George Floyd (a year ago on May 25, 2020) and the ...
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The borrowed tomb

I have a strange mental aberration (whether a gift from God or not I will leave to you to decide) in that my mind, upon ...
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Diocesan Council Zooms along

This regular column reports on the activities and decisions of diocesan council, the “synod between synods” of our diocese. Download monthly meeting minutes at www.bc.anglican.ca/programs/diocesan-council. ...
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Let’s walk together gently into our future

This summer, I am inviting the entire diocese, lay and clergy, to read Challenging Racist “British Columbia”: 150 Years and Counting. The book was co-produced ...
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