A life worth living

 on June 1, 2021

“A Life Worth Living” was the topic for the Women’s Spring Retreat that took place on April 10, 2021. Due to COVID-19, we met via Zoom, with Primate Linda Nicholls as our facilitator and guest speaker.

We were blessed to have Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee, from the diocese of Islands and Inlets, open our meeting with prayer. Bishop Anna graciously also led us in closing prayer.

Our morning topic was “What makes a life worth living?” We were challenged to think about what truly makes us happy and fills us with joy. Do we find a deep, abiding peace when we go through our day? Do we do things out of obligation because no one else will? In our broken world, we need to do things that makes our hearts sing with joy. Only then will we find peace. We need to model God’s love and share it with others. We find life worth living because we are loved: by God, our parents, our family and our friends!


Our afternoon session was on nurturing. Through discussion, we found that if we display gratitude, everything falls into perspective. We need to be intentional and pray with gratitude. Look to see where God is in your day. Is he near or far? Knowing oneself and being truthful will help you through the tough times. Start with gratitude and you will find the joy and peace that comes from God. How will you live your life? Will you be challenged to live your life as God intended, not trying to be someone you aren’t?

Come join the next Women’s Retreat in the fall, tentatively scheduled for October 15-17, 2021. Our facilitator will be MJ Lewis-Kirk, incumbent at St. Peter, Quamichan, and our spiritual director will be Colleen Lissemer, a postulant in the diocese of Islands and Inlets. The theme is “Seeking Sophia.” Contact Brenda Dhaene ([email protected]) for further information.   

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