A strong call to service

 on November 1, 2021

What made you decide to pursue the role of deacon?

I cannot really say that I decided. I had a strong call to service in the church, and I realized that the call was to the community first. I was torn between working with the local soup kitchen and working with seniors.

How do you see the role of deacon within the church? 


The deacon is the liaison between the community and the local church. The deacon is a prophet who has to bring the needs of the community to the attention of the church. Often that is not something the congregation wants to hear!

What have been your posting highlights so far? 

I did an internship in Port Alberni. That is a joint Anglican-Lutheran parish led by Brenda Nestegaard-Paul. It was interesting to see the similarities and differences in the different liturgies. I also had some wonderful mentoring from Brenda, lessons that will always be with me.

What studies have you done and what route did you take for your studies? 

A few years ago, Bishop Logan recommended I take some theology courses. I enrolled with Thorneloe University and just finished the requirements for my Diploma in Theology in May of this year. I also completed the Education for Ministry program in 2020. I have since enrolled with Vancouver School of Theology to embark on my master’s. I am enrolled in the Master of Arts in Theology program, but I may change that to an MDiv later.

What do you see as the greatest challenge in the Anglican church?

I think our biggest challenge is letting go of tradition (small t). We sometimes cling to it so hard that we lose sight of the big picture, which makes us more inward looking than we should be. If we are busy wrangling over whether we should get rid of pews and use a circle of chairs, that is taking our focus off the things that really matter. Local churches need to be seen as members of the community with the needs of the community at their heart.

Tell us something about your background.

I was born in Calgary. My family moved to Courtenay when I was twelve, so I guess I did most of my growing up in a small town. I went to the University of Victoria and met my husband a few years after graduating. We ended up moving around BC a lot as a result of his job, so I got to see northern BC as well as the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island!

Tell us something interesting or unusual about your life now. 

I wish I could point to something really exciting, but I can’t. I can only say that a few years ago I decided to learn how to play the piano and work towards a master’s. Given that I am a senior, I guess you are just never too old to learn.

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