on November 1, 2021

Clare Attwell is a textile and multimedia artist. Clare created Displaced, a hand-painted, hand-dyed print following the “heat dome” in June 2021. The piece is a reflection on the many communities affected by the fires that raged across British Columbia and the Cascadia coast, communities that lived with the tension of having to flee at short notice. Many in those communities were displaced and lost their homes and livelihoods.

In her artist’s statement, Clare asks, “As we taste the chaos of complex systems reaching tipping points, will humanity on a global scale begin to urgently seek out ways to live in right relationship with Earth?”

When she is not working on her own art, Clare works as a community artist, using the arts in imaginative ways to help community groups explore complex issues such as cultural and spiritual identity, including community visioning. Clare is especially interested in exploring what makes complex systems functional and, in particular, how they relate to organizations and social systems.




  • Faith Tides

    Faith Tides exists to explore God’s vision for Renewed Hearts, Renewed Spirits and Renewed People in the Diocese of Islands and Islets, home to approximately 6,000 Anglicans worshiping in 46 worshipping communities across coastal BC.

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