Star Sunday at St Barnabas, Victoria (Dec. 10)

 on December 6, 2023
Star Sunday at St Barnabas, Victoria.

Star Sunday is a magical afternoon for children and families of craft-making, caroling around a yule fire, and enjoying fresh-made waffles and hot apple cider at St Barnabas, Victoria.

There are over 20 crafting stations located in the church, in the hall, and around the St Barnabas precinct, where children of all ages can make Christmas presents, a wreath for the door, table-decorations or candle-holders. As well, there is a station for bees-wax candle-dipping, silk scarf painting, paper star folding, print-making, fly-tying, wood-working and much much more.  All crafting materials are natural and beautiful.

This is the 15th year St Barnabas has hosted Star Sunday, and it has become a truly neighbourhood event, eagerly awaited by many!


Please come and join us on Sunday, Dec. 10 from 3 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Everything is free of charge, though donations are very gratefully accepted.

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