Salaam Shalom Peace Vigil

Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee
Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee is seen speaking at the outdoor Salaam Shalom Peace Vigil, held at Centennial Square in Victoria on May 23. In the foreground, Imam Ismail Mohamed Nur (left) and Rabbi Harry Brechner (right) watch. The peace vigil was organized to pray for peace and to call for justice and a lasting end to the fighting in Israel and Palestine. Photo by Steven Baileys.
 on June 1, 2021

In the name of the one God of all creation, the violence must stop, regardless of where it comes from and to whom it is directed. God has gifted us with everything we need to live in peace. What is happening in Israel and Palestine is not a religious fight, it is a political fight. True religion is love, true religion is peace, true religion is justice.

– Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee

Salaam Shalom Peace Vigil
Pictured (from left to right) are Imam Ismail Mohamed Nur of Masjid al-Iman, Rabbi Harry Brechner of Congregation Emanu-El, and Bishop Anna Greenwood-Lee of the Diocese of Islands and Inlets (BC). Photo by Steven Baileys.
Salaam Shalom Peace Vigil
Fifty people were invited to attend the peace vigil in person while others joined online via a livestream. Rabbi Harry Brechner is seen here talking to attendees. Photo by Steven Baileys.
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